Kamco EZ-Roll  Line Sets & Ductless Mini-Splits

EZ-Roll™ copper Line Sets by Kamco™  are a new addition to the family of products to make your field installations easier. Designed for the HVAC market, our initial offering will be a number of key items that we will continue to expand based on customer feedback.

Ductless Mini-Split Line Sets are now available.

Available in several industry standard sizes, each set comes with forged brass fittings to withstand the pressure of 410A refrigerant.

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Easy To Install

  • Larger ID and soft temper for Ease of uncoiling
  • Eliminate on-site sleeving with factory made Line Sets
  • Improved ductility

Increased Efficiency

  • Tighter and closer fit maximizes heat transfer and insulation
  • Elastomeric foam provides superior R value